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About us


We're a subsidiary of West Virginia Manufacturing Solutions, which was incorporated in 2004 with an idea to create a company focused on the highest quality manufactured parts and components delivered on time.  Along with increased commitment of quality, we continuously improve our focus in manufacturing to better service our present as well as our future customers.   We take pride in our business and promise to treat all customers' projects with the same urgency and respect. 


In response to recent requests for replacement parts, we are now fulfilling orders for your Terramite equipment - specifically the T5, T7, and T9. 

We offer a wide range of precision drilling equipment, industrial tool grinders and milling equipment to ensure that our customers achieve full satisfaction for their value-added metal fabrication needs.   We also offer a variety of welding techniques to ensure that our customers have the best joining solution when it comes to their metal fabrication needs.   We offer Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototype Drawings, Powder Coating, Drilling-Milling, Deburring-Sawing, Welding, and Forming.


Our machining and fabrication capabilities include, but are not limited to: 

- CNC Water Jet
- CNC Laser
- CNC Horizontal and Vertical Milling
- CNC Turning up to 28" in diameter
- CNC 6 Axis Precision  Turning up to 1-5/8" diameter
- CNC 4 and 5 Axis Milling
- CNC Wire EDM

- CNC Plasma Cutting 5' x 10'

- Surface Grinding- OD Grinding

- Manual Mills and Lathes-40 Ton Brake press

-55 Ton Iron Worker

- MIG Welding

- TIG Welding

- Stick Welding

- Track Torch

- Plasma Cutting-

 Torch Cutting

- Break Press

- Bending

- Heat Treating

- Painting

- Assembly

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